The Banon has a round shape from 7.5 to 8.5 cm diameter and around 2 or 3 cm high, its average weight is 100 g (+/- 10 g). It is wrapped in brown chestnuts leaves, tied up with a wisp of natural raffia forming from 6 to 12 rays.
It’s the first cheese with the AOC approval in the Provence region, a real ambassador for all regional cheeses. This AOC recognition comes after more than 10 years of work from the whole trade.

Banon AOC Le Banon Banon AOC
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Its presentation

Presented in a case of leaves, the Banon reveals its cream or bronze colour and offers a soft pastry, flavoured with Haute Provence undergrowth. Mixture of  sweet and strong flavours, with its unique taste, the Banon is a cheese with character.

  Le Banon AOC   Le Banon AOC

Made only with unpasteurized and whole goat’s milk, matured in brown chestnuts leaves it is tied up with a wisp of natural raffia.
Easily noticed thanks to its mark of authenticity, the Banon benefits from the guarantee of original quality (AOC) since 23rd July 2003.


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